We scoured the internet and fond 10 mind-blowing aerial photographs that will make you want to fly and see the world from above. If you can fly, you will definitely want to go buy a drone and get your aerial portfolio going.

From a plane in the middle of the forest to shipping containers that look like legos staked up on your living room carpet, we have you covered. This images will inspire your creativity and get you out there shooting in no time.

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Aerial photo of plane in forest

Photo by David Kovalenko

Aerial photo of house between water castle

Photo by Kees Streefkerk

Aerial photo of a waterfall

Photo by Martin Sanchez

Photo of heavy traffic hwy from above

Photo by Denys Nevozhai

photo of tennis court shot from above

Photo by Martin Sanchez


Photo by Caleb George

Photo of surfers on acid ocean looking water

Photo by Adam Krowitz

Photo of the carabean overhead

Photo by NASA

Overheadphoto of a pier on blue ocean

Photo by Sherman Yang

Photo of ship containers

Photo by chuttersnap