Here are my top 10 tips and tricks to take better drone photos. I have been flying drones for 5 years now and these are the most important things to remember when you are out flying. Here they are in sequential order from 1 – 10. All these photos were edited with my Dji Lightroom Presets.


1. Always shoot RAW. You will have more information to edit your images. Giving you complete control over the image.


2. Always shoot in manual mode. You will have complete control over the scene. Adjust the settings according to the light. If the light is harsh speed up your shutter speed. If it starts to get dark, slow it down.

3. Shoot at the lowest ISO possible. This will prevent your images from being grainy.

4. Use filters. A polarizer filter makes colors come alive. Especially when shooting water. These are the ones I recomend.

5. Shoot really low to the ground. This puts the viewer in the story.

6. Shoot from above directly looking down. This will give you a really cool perspective.

7. Shoot during low winds. Specially at night, this will prevent camera shake.

8. Add color to your images. This brings them alive and makes them pop.

9. Look for patterns. Patters are fun and pleasing to the eye.

10. Edit your photos. Give them that finishing touch and share them with the world. I use my Dji Lightroom Presets.

Always remember to have fun out there and fly safe.