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  • Mariaan Buckley says:

    loved the clip. Thanks

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  • Kim Kelly says:

    great ideas!!

  • Harley Cordero Avengoza says:

    Nice one

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  • Larousse Édition Limitée says:

    Amazing ! :)

  • Jim McElfatrick says:

    Great use of everyday stuff!

  • Sajid Sayyed says:


  • József Balatoni says:

    My Grandma’s does not have a ball like that :)

  • Himanshu Aggarwal says:

    Avery creative..photography..
    Nice use of household things. .

  • Crestwill Sylvester Cresheik Farah says:

    Every day stuff??? really black tile? tube light? this was actually pretty lame and probably useful in the 90s when they were using non digital cameras, all these things can be done with a computer now especially that stocking crap

  • Farhad Fotografie says:

    this was awsome

  • Swati Singh says:

    awesome tips

  • Rebecca Potter says:

    Excellent – more please….

  • Clarence S. Lingaling says:

    really cool tips!

  • Tracey Marinkovic says:

    Thank you, Great ideas

  • Maria Emily Nool Manabat says:

    Very helpful! Coooollll…

  • Jim Kenyon says:

    Some of these are pretty neat, some not so much. The one with lighting the aerosol product to create an flaming effect is very dangerous and should NEVER be done! Household aerosol products are not designed for this purpose and can not only create a fire but can explode and cause very serious injury or worse to people and cause serious damage to property. They gave a disclaimer but why are they even showing this as an helpful hint???!!! Keep up the great tips but do not show the dangerous and stupid ones!

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  • Xoăn Tóc Quăn says:

    Wow, good ideas! Tks so much! :D

  • Ang Maniniyot says:

    I never thought about this. This is really great DIY. Thanks for sharing this one!

  • Maria Katrina Floro Rojo says:

    Cute. Specially the tip no 5

  • Cathy Nandy-Bannon says:

    Great use of imagination on ideas that could be found in different homes. I agree, please don’t do tricks that could backfire on an inexperienced user. Keep up the good work!

  • Erwin Rabaca Suficiencia says:

    Great idea

  • Robert Smallwood says:

    Mixing household products produces nice results too – http://mwlewisimages.com/galleries/

  • Claudia Vallejo says:

    Great ideas! Thanks for sharing :)

  • Ayana Msyana Seton says:

    That’s really cool! Northland Photography Club

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