There’s more to Geroldsee than its chalets and lake. A 90 degree turn shows off an idyllic mountainscape layered with trees and cliffs.

It was our second to last day abroad—I was coming down with a fever and incessant coughing, so I was tempted to spend this last opportunity indoors with a cup of tea. But in early October, it was hard to find sunlight, much less beautiful sunsets, so when the sky looked exceptional a couple hours before sunset, we made the half hour drive to Geroldsee.

Before my first trip to Germany two years ago, I imagined this to be a common scene in Bavaria, but came away disappointed by Germany’s dismal and cloudy outlook this time of year. What a treat to see Bavaria again, and in a much better light!

This is a 3-shot blended exposure, the base exposure was 1/80th, the other two were 1/10 and 1/640, which immensely helped with recovering the overpowering highlights.

Geroldsee, Krün, Germany.