Sunny isles beach pier black and white photo

There is no denying the absolutely amazing appeal monochrome photography has to it.

Black and white photographs have a certain classic look to them which is hard to match. Naturally, many budding photographers would want to get into this niche too. If you are a newbie in the world of monochrome photography, first understand that there goes a lot into this process than just applying a black and white filter.

Black and white photography might as well be an art form on its own. Let’s get started with some basic black and white photography tips:

1: Composition is Everything:

Much of black and white photography has to do with composition. While this is something which is important for all types of photography, but when it comes to monochrome photography, composition is all you have since there won’t be any colors to play around with.

However, you would be surprised to learn just how much you can do with black and white as they bring a classic look your images that color could never do. So, before you click the photo, peep into your camera’s viewfinder and compose the perfect photo. Think of the story you are trying to tell your viewers. Think, How can I invite my viewers into this image and what story am I trying to tell? 

2: Landscapes and Portraits:

If you are a beginner in monochrome photography, try experimenting with your interest in capturing more landscapes and portraits. There is just something about these two subjects that make them ideal for monochrome photography.

Once you polish your black and white photography skills on these subjects, you can move on to more expert subjects like motion photography in black and white!

venice beach basketball players play ball

3: Lightroom for Monochrome Photography:

Even with clicking the perfect black and white photograph, there may still be a few edits that you wish to make.

Lightroom is more than perfect.  You can “Dodge” and “Burn” your images effortlessly. Lightroom will also allow you to play with shadows and highlights and adding a bit of contrast will finish off your image. In fact, with these little edits, you can make an average black and white photograph look 10 x better!

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That’s not to say that you just have Photoshop to use for editing your black and white photographs. If Photoshop intimidates you, there are several other editing apps as well which can work just as good. Most of them can be even downloaded on to your mobile devices.

4: Smartphone Camera:

If you think that black and white photography has something to do with the kind of camera you own, you could not be more mistaken!

If you are just venturing out, a great strategy would be to first use your smartphone’s camera and experiment. Remember its all about practice.

5: Get Inspired:

Inspiration in photography is important. Some beautiful scenery would inspire you on their own but in addition to that, you may also want to have a look at how some of the more professional black and white photographers go about their picture compositions and even editing.

But be careful to remember not to get intimidated. The work that you may be looking at is the work of a professional and plus several photographs are heavily edited. Do not beat yourself up about it that your pictures are not being able to match up to their monochrome photography. Photography is a very individualistic experience, and it is important that you follow your own lead.

Take inspiration, but do not get intimidated. Have with your monochrome photography and see the fun translate on its own in beautiful black and white photographs.