A Year in Flight United Arab Emirates

A Year in Flight, United Arab Emirates from Airspectiv Media on Vimeo.

A year in flight – a short aerial film shot across the United Arab Emirates over the course of 2013-2014. The idea behind this piece was to showcase the little-known locations of the UAE, far removed from the glamour & skyscrapers that our country is known for. And what better way to do this, than from the air.

The film was shot with a GoPro, mounted on a custom made quadcopter and as the nature of Aerial Filming dictates – it took a lot of hard work to build these systems and get them in the sky. So thank you for stopping by and watching.

Dedicated to my closest friends:
Arva Ahmed, without your support. I'd be grounded & without wings.
Bjorn Sin, for keeping me company in the air.
Rubeen Naim – I will always miss you.

Music Credits: Madeon, Icarus.