It is incredibly amazing to think about the kind of things we can achieve with our cameras now! Who would have thought it would be possible to take stunning pictures of the ground from the sky?

Aerial photography has been making waves for quite some time now and for all the right reasons.
There may be a lot of aspiring photographers out there who may think that aerial photography is something that is best left to the professionals, but at, we like to believe that photographers should not hold themselves back from experimenting with their capabilities.
You may never know that aerial photography might just be your niche!

So if you too are ready to try out drones for photography to capture breathtaking shots, right from above, here are some ideas that might just inspire you to step outside with your cameras and drones.

1: Focus on the Symmetry:
Since looking at the ground from above the air gives you an opportunity to capture a perspective that won’t be possible otherwise from any other way, make full use of it. And while you are trying to photograph various perspectives, one of the most important things you need to focus on is the symmetry of the scene. Above the ground shots make detecting symmetry in photographs very easy, so get creative.

2: Click Some Panoramas:
If you are attempting aerial photography, you just have to try the panorama feature on your camera! While panorama views when taken from the ground levels may appear to be rather bland, aerial panorama shots are on a whole new level of interesting.
Rather than just capturing beautiful shots of the ground, why not capture the whole scene? They look amazing, you have to try it out to see for yourself!

3: Look for Contrasts:
Contrasts in photographs look very attractive. Contrasts in aerial photographs look even better! Why? Because of the point you are capturing them from! So if you want to use your drone for eye-catching photographs, look for aerial views that incorporate some nice contrasts.
Bright colors set off by dark colors make for great compositions.

4: Lines, Line and More Lines:
Speaking of eye-catching aerial photographs, another way to add some oomph to your aerial photos is to look for views with lanes. They create a very nice effect too and make it look as if there’s quite a lot that is going on in the picture…in a good way, of course.
If you are too keen on the idea of capturing aerial shots of lanes and streets that seem to run parallel against each other, you may just even find views that have some abstract elements in them too. You could capture those instead.

5: Mirror It:
Spot a view that has lanes and lanes or houses that look all the same?
That could be a perfect composition for an aerial photograph! While in other ways of photography you may want to do away with repetitive objects, but something about aerial photography makes even repeated views look good, as long as you capture them within the same frame.

6: Pose on the Ground:
Another fun aerial photography idea that you can try it to have yourself or your friends pose on the ground and be captured by the camera floating in the air!
Now that would be one photograph whose backdrop would be anything but boring!

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