Amy Winehouse was not only a unique and original singer, but she had also a unique and personal style, which I wanted to bring in a fashion editorial for the magazine I work as the Editor in Chief at, Living Albania magazine. Because the exclusive documentary about her life was released on December, I thought this was the right moment for our magazine to talk about her look and unique style – her tattoos, the original hair look, her very smokey eyes etc. Stela Plaka, the model and the fashion editor of this photo shoot, was actually the first inspiration. Immediately after I met her in a bar, I thought she had something in her portrait that reminded me of Amy, so I asked her to be our Amy for the December issue of Living Albania magazine. Our aim was not to create an identical Amy, for she was unrepeatable and unique. Just “borrowing” her cool way of being, wearing and looking, so that we can remember how beautiful and gorgeous she was.

A project by Gentian Minga (Living Albania magazine)
Credits: Make up artist: Jacopo Tomassini & Iva Cakalli; Photographer: Edvina Meta; Model & fashion editor: Stela Plaka; Location: Tirana Rock Caffe / December, 2015