I met the tango 8 months ago. I knew it through my lens from before, but not in person and from inside. And it seems that it was love… at first move, hug, step…

The meeting came random and without planning… but it turned out that I found a certain type of peace in the rhythm and decided to stay… and in a month or so, I became a baby tanguera with a camera :).
It’s  been a constant sweet struggle ever since… to tango with a less-known partner or tango with a well-known light ;).

The first one is offering light between two souls in a hug… the light that leads, light that moves, light that brings awareness… The second is about giving soul to moving frames of light and making them alive memories of sweet moments. And is always a tempting choice between these two.

Being baby in tango will last, I know. Maybe for a lifetime. It’s not only about excelling the physical part (the moves, the balance, the muscle memory), but also excelling the awareness that bring you in and out of the hug like a star jumping between parallel galaxies. Sometimes you fit sometimes you blow into a black hole. But it’s always tempting and it brings the inexplicable quiet joy that only a dance can give.

On the other side, the tango with my camera is a well-known dance… a place that gives a comfortable home for feelings and ideas. But the predictability of it, makes you want to jump off the train sometimes. Sometimes you jump to new angles or techniques. Almost all the time you face a great challenge with difficult light conditions and moving models… And sometimes you simply jump on the dancefloor.

I must say that I was lucky enough to have a good teacher and  to enter a community of happy people always willing to help beginners. That helps me not to give up when it becomes more demanding… Both with dancing and with documenting the dance floor world.

So, I look forward to every new hour of the endless play of these two loves… Especially because it gives birth to unreal photo images dancing on the border with reality.

That leads you to a softer, more friendly and happier reality...

Like a helping hand

Where each hug is a different galaxy

The parallel dimensions

Beauty in everything that feels the music and moves into it

And it’s all about beauty

Where we follow each other, yet being ourselves

In the parallel steps

To feel all around like a light from a huge red light bulb... Warm but yet pleasant...

Awareness like a choice

Some songs, rhythms and partners can flow a crimson rivers in your mind

Crimson rhythms

Awareness of the one with you and the one in you

No words, just awareness

Some connections are like silk... soft and strong as a spider web.

Gentle, gentle

Because there you find a shared world

Living dream in the hug

Between what you see in people and what you feel in the hug

Different pespectives

It’s all about balance

to the leader, into the passion and towards a perfection you want to achieve

The direction…

Like in little Prince story about the rose... every dance is special and only yours, because you put all you are in it...

Dance of the little red rose

It’s all about connction

Celebration of good mood, good music and friendship

Allover… it’s about celebration

Making love with the music, making love with the rhythm, making love with the dance floor

It’s all about love

It's all about partnership... of the leader and follower... of the camera and light

The less is more