This photo series is from my Summer of 2016 project in coastal South Carolina shot entirely on medium format film.…Rewind a year back – Seattle, December of 2015.  I sold all of my cameras, lenses and studio equipment and moved to North Carolina.  I didn’t think I would ever pick a camera up again, until I came across a photo on internet – it was so me!  Southern, with live Oaks and Spanish moss forming a tunnel over a dirt road.  I looked it up and I drove there the same weekend.  I wanted that photo on my wall in a huge print with all of the details and sharp.  So I decided to do it myself and have it done entirely on medium format film (you know like the old negatives).  I had never shot on film before and had no idea what I was doing.  However I was very excited about the whole project.

…Fast forward a few months and 20 trips later down to Charleston area and south of it.  Countless mosquito and fire ant bites and blisters.  A few sleepless nights (drove through the night so I could be there for sunrise (yeah crazy !).  Wasted rolls of film (waiting two weeks each time to get my film back developed from the lab and it was total crap – black completely underexposed negatives).  Walking for hours with pounds and pounds of equipment (Google Mamiya RZ 67 Pro II).  Frustration to a point of considering throwing it all in the first big trash can I could find…but it was different, and inspiring, and one of the most fun summers I have had in years.  I fell in love with that Southern stretch of land between Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA.
…please enjoy the beautiful Low Country, SC.
Georgio and Jillian.

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