It’s been a long time I wanted to visit Hong Kong to take photos and to taste the foods. I have heard many cool stories and many awesome photographs taken by photographers online. Finally I visited this city just month ago (April 2017) with my savings and quiet happy for the result of my shots even though with unexpected rainy days when I was there.

Hong Kong is one of the most dense populated city in Asia without compromising the beauty of it’s skyscrapers and tradition such as temples, architectural decoration style and so on. Travelers or photographers can find a good vantage point for take a shot easily as long as they want to walk a lot and ride Bus or MTR train from edge to edge of stations.

There are still many places that I missed during my stay in Hong Kong from the note I listed down or planned. One of the biggest factor that restrict me to visit those places is the weather which is always raining and strong wind. I suggest to photographer to check the climate and weather when planning to visit this city. I even visited same spot for 2 times just to take one picture.

Unlike other places I visited…I can take photo whenever I want and wherever I want as long as not disturbing people and still feel safe to do it. The safety and tolerance still good in this city but don’t take my words for it as assurance.

Most of my photographs style concentrate on cityscape, landscape and travel documentary with careful thought of composition. I do photograph only when I’m on travel/vacation due to I’m not a full time professional photographer and I have my main work. My gear is Fujifilm X and Sony A7 series which both glued with wide angle lens.

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