These are the best ways to get your name out there as a photographer

The best social media for photographers

Sidelining social media is one of the biggest mistakes you can make as a photographer today. Social media channels open an avenue of opportunities for your photographing skills and let you showcase your talent to the world. Many different social media platforms today offer different types of audience and serve a different purpose. If you have just started building your online presence as a photographer, here are the best social media platforms that can help you show your talent to the world and let you engage with people through your talent.

Best social media for photographers

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Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms today. Instagram is all about photos and videos and that is what you do as a photographer. It is a great way to engage with your audience and provide them with your fresh work. The people who follow you on Instagram will continue seeing your work and you will not have to do much to gain their attention than just provide them a constant stream of your work. Your followers can like your photos and comment on them, just as the case is with any other social media platform. Just make sure you keep posting regularly and you will be able to generate a list of followers who will love your work and recommend you to others as well.

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Facebook is currently the largest social media networking website we have today. If you are interested in community building and giving your work the exposure it needs, Facebook is a great platform. There are more than a billion users of Facebook, from different walks of life, who will come across your work and open a stream of opportunities for you. Facebook also offers the service of advertising that you can use to promote your photography business and gain the attention of the people using this social media platform.

Best social media for photographers Facebook


If you are looking for a social media platform to develop your portfolio, Behance is the place to be. Finding clients to work for can be a challenge in the photography business and it gets all the more difficult when you don’t have a well-developed portfolio to show your clients. Behance has one goal, removing any barriers between opportunity and talent. It is a creative community that can help you meet clients who will be ready to use your services and give you the exposure you need.

Best social media for photographers behance


Pinterest is a heaven for photographers. Photographers on a pro level make use of this platform to build their business through backlinks on this social media platform. From weddings to babies, food to travel and anything you can name, there is a niche for all kinds of photographers with different genres of work to showcase their talent. The platform is very popular among women. Thus, you can use it to capture their attention by posting work that they want to see.

best social media for photographers pintrest


If you are looking for a great social media platform to manage your photos, nothing beats Flickr. This is the most popular, and undeniably, the best photo management platform you will find. You can use the platform to keep your work organized and to showcase it to the people you want.

Best social media for photographers


The power of social media cannot be neglected in the modern world. If you are just beginning out on photography, make sure you have your presence on these social media platforms. These will not only give you an opportunity to showcase your work to the world but will also help you get the exposure and followers you need to come into the limelight.  If you want to learn more about social media marketing check this out.

What social media works best for you?

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