This series of land/seascape images was shot during the past three years, all shot on the island of Malta. I started this project as a personal journey of self discovery. A childhood spent in close proximity to the sea has left me with a sense of nostalgia which inadvertently pulls me to these coasts, sometimes in remote places around the island. A love born out of the need to communicate feelings, rather than sights. Usually most of my images capture a capsule of time, for me this is how I truly convey the essence and the soul of a place. The viewer sees the photo and it feels like seeing the action replaying itself in slow motion. The effect makes the location seem somewhat surreal, a scene which seems to find a balance somewhere between the real and my personal interpretation of it. This type of photography requires multiple visits to the same place, as I would need the perfect setup of weather. It’s almost like a studio setup, but this time without the human control.