Have you ever dreamed about photographing the mesmerizing landscapes in the Canadian Rockies? Are you a landscape photography lover always wishing to be on the road to capture the most incredible locations? If the answer is yes, we have something in common. 

The Rookie Mountains Canada

The Canadian Rockies

The Canadian Rockies are one of the most amazing places on Earth, a paradise for landscape photography lovers. Banff, Jasper and Yoho National Parks include many incredible locations to capture extraordinary photographs. No matter what season of the year you visit. It is terrific from spring to autumn, and from summer to winter. Each season has something special in the Canadian Rockies.The Rookie Mountains Canada Photo Tour

This fascinating area is world famous for its stunning mountain range and its many spectacular lakes. Each of these lakes has its particular color, from deep blue to turquoise or emerald green. Some of the most famous lakes in the Rockies are Peyto, Louise, Moraine, Bow, Two Jack, Emerald, Pyramid or Maligne. The great variety of tones are a fantastic subject to photograph, and any landscape photographer dreams about visiting this particular area at least once.The Rookie Mountains Canada intimate Photography Tour

These lakes often offer perfect reflections, especially before sunrise, and after sunset.  As photographers, those moments bring us the ideal chance to get a great shot of the mountains and its reflection over any of these beautiful lakes.The Canadian Rockies Affordable Photography Tour

Apart from pristine lakes and outstanding mountains and peaks. You can find precious waterfalls, as Takkakaw Falls, creeks, rivers, as the Bow or the Athabasca, impressive glaciers, some of them near the roads, as the Athabasca Glacier, caves, canyons, as Maligne or Johnston, everything surrounded by the mountains and beautiful forests.The Canadian Rockies Best Photography Tour

There are hundreds of spectacular locations that you’ll love photographing. Truly a dream come true for all landscape and Nature photographers.

Apart from being a top destination for landscapes, the Canadian Rocky Mountains are a fantastic destination for wildlife. This area is home to many species, such as grizzly and brown bears, elks, deer, moose, mountain goats, bighorn sheep, coyotes, wolves.The Rookie Mountains Canada Photography Tour

Some of these animals are much easier to spot than others, but during a trip to the Rockies, you may be lucky to photograph several of these creatures, especially if you look at the right places and during the right times.

Having so many possibilities for photographers, both from the landscape and the wildlife photography point, the Canadian Rockies makes it for a perfect destination when you want to capture extraordinary images.The Canadian Rockies Photography Workshop

We have teamed up with Dream Photo Expedition, and we have prepared a Canadian Rockies photo tour. You will be guided through the most scenic locations in the area by professional photographers Edin Chavez and Sergio Lanza.  We’ll be dedicating more than 14/16 hours per day to photography and will be capturing gorgeous sunrises and sunsets, and wildlife. We will also be doing several night photography sessions, especially trying to catch the magical Northern Lights.

Places are limited, and we will be offering a special discount for all Shut Your Aperture subscribers. Please send us an email for more details. We look forward to having you in such an epic photo tour.