I am 27 years of age, born and raised in Ireland with a passion for travel and most recently, photography.

My passion for photography truly revealed itself whilst working as a Stargazing Guide in Aoraki/Mt Cook national park in New Zealand. I had been travelling Asia and Oceania for 3 years prior and took only a handful of pictures with an Iphone. The Dark Sky Reserve in Mt Cook awakened a passion that I think was always there.

I spent nights hours upon hours after work out late at night simply staring at the heavens above…not being able to believe the etheral beauty that was above me. I had at the time, a Sony DSC H-70 with a fixed lens  that I rarely used. I bought a tripod and went out in an attempt to shoot the stars. I very quickly realised that my camera would only take me so far, however I will never ever forget the first image I took of the night sky and looked at it on the camera screen…excitement is an understatement. From there I was hooked. I purchased a Canon 650d with an 18-55mm kit lens and started to really push myself. I was quite simply, addicted.

I spent the next year and a half immersed in the world of astrophotgraphy. Totally and utterly 100% hooked. My travels brought me back home to Ireland, with a new pair of eyes (and a new pair of cameras). I have embraced all areas of photography but still am drawn to landscapes and the night sky…which are all a work in progress!!

Since first picking up a DSLR in 2013 to now, photography has been a source of inspiration, guidance and motivation for me which has seen me come through some difficult personal issues of late.

It is an ever learning journey full of amaing moments. The purpose of my photography is truly and honestly for me and me alone. The fact that some others enjoy these moments is an added bonus that is truly humbling and keeps me motivated and on track to push myself physically, mentally and creatively.

These are some of those moments, I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed taking them.

Seán Haughton

Sony A7 / Canon 650d / Sony A5000