it’s not the camera but who’s behind the camera

stunning and unique landscape pieces using a camera that surprises and stuns most people

Meagan V. Blazier is the epitome of the saying, “it’s not the camera but who’s behind the camera”. She creates stunning and unique landscape pieces using a camera that surprises and stuns most people once they have seen her work.


Meagan picked up her first camera when her son was born.
The initial idea was just to take snapshots of her son, to record and document him growing up and their lives together. She soon realized however that it was also a great way for her to deal with the pressures of everyday life.
She quickly discovered that she had a true passion and talent for photography. A passion that she probably would never have discovered if it hadn’t been for the birth of her son.


The more she shot, the more she found herself starting to look at everyday scenes differently. Scenes that most people would probably pass by without noticing, She became inspired by old and abandoned buildings. Each one had once been so full of life and had it’s own hidden story. She wanted to give them a new life through her photography.


Meagan had always had a love of art and had attended art classes in college before the birth of her son. She quickly discovered that with the camera, Lightroom and Photoshop she had a new found medium.
As she became more familiar with Lightroom and Photoshop she quickly realized that anything was possible, that any vision could be brought to life. It was at this point that Meagan’s snapshots became art, or as Meagan refers to them ‘Imaginescapes’.


Over a short period of time, she quickly started to develop her own unique style. Dark, moody, atmospheric and mysterious.
Meagan’s unique style comes primarily from locations, her mastery of light and her unique tonal ranges.
Her use of light and tonal range bring a certain mood, atmosphere and mystery to her work, the likes of which you will see nowhere else.


Her use and control of lighting give her pieces such great dynamic range and depth that you can often find yourself with a feeling that you can step right into them.


As for locations, Meagan doesn’t shoot the typical exotic and popular locations often associated with landscapes. Instead, she prefers to find ‘everyday’ locations that the ‘everyday’ person can relate to and connect with. To find beauty in the scenes we all see everyday and make the unnoticed, noticed.




Initially, she was self-conscious about her camera, fearing that her peers would not take her work seriously.
However, she came to learn that it’s the vision and using the tools available to realize that vision that’s important. To be able to realize the vision so that it can be created into a form that can be viewed and appreciated by everyone. Being able to share her vision and put a piece of herself into every piece is what matters the most to Meagan.


Post processing is achieved with Lightroom and Photoshop, with the majority of work carried out in Lightroom.



Meagan has sold numerous prints of her work, has works licensed for book covers, been published in SHOT Magazine, various online publications, has been awarded three Editor’s Choice at 500px and has written a Spotlight Feature article for 500px

All of Meagan’s current work is captured with a modest Canon Power Shot SX40HS.
Meagan continues to pursue her passion, push her creativity and inspire others.


You can see more of her work on her website: