Claustral Canyon by Lee Duguid

A glimpse into of the dark wet depths of Australia’s deadly Claustral Canyon. After several hours of bush bashing, ice cold swims, and a series of long technical abseils we had finally reached the canyon floor. We were a long way down, and our efforts were well rewarded. Our decent was perfectly timed with the midday sun. Narrow shafts of light pierced the depths bringing life to the fern covered walls.

I felt privileged to witness and document such a unique landscape that few others have seen. It was a hard slog, a journey that lasted 17 hours returning to our car at 1am. It pushed us to our limits both physically and mentally. Being stuck down a canyon with little or no daylight and 60 meter abseils is mentally taxing, and definitely not an ideal situation. None the less the rewards of capturing such a unique environments has encouraged me to push my comfort level. The results are always some of my best work. Lee tells ShutYourAperture


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