Congo by Yvon Léolein

15 years after a period of fratricidal wars in the history of Brazzaville, 15 years of peace, stability, Brazzaville could have hoped for better living conditions. A real social policy, youth work, a fair distribution of wealth …
I have read a city where it is normal to pay its water and electricity bills without the benefit of these services. I was in a city where its inhabitants have stopped fighting, preferring as some (the fire) take refuge in religion tissue to escape their daily misery.

I was in Congo, Brazzaville, a beautiful city that comes alive despite his ailments by friendly people looking at you, you, with your prejudices abroad and tells you smile in the eyes “Mbote! ”
Thus summarized the essence of this work. One might think that it’s just a travel diary made by the artist, but it is mainly a declaration on the degradation of the social fabric of a country, the energy crisis, environmental problems, immigration sub regional, standards of living of a city, a country and by extension Africa because we meet in this city a condensed scourges plaguing the continent.

05 Un autre développement

17 Diatance

19 Affiche entrée

11 On est ensemble

10 Dieu Merci

09 Notifications

07 Le jour d'après

12 No comment

15 Sapologues

02 Ciné-foot

18 Apolitique

06 Water close(t)

14 Perpendiculaire

13 Parallélisme

08 Colonisation

03 Rythmes nocturnes

16 Marque déposée

04 Mundélé

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