Dji’s action-packed showreel

Dji has just released their 2017 Showreel and it is loaded with incredible action shots. All shot from with different types of Dji gear this showreel comes action-packed.

Dji has grown to be the leading company in the drone industry and continues to be the top brand when it comes to aerial imaging. It is easy to see why when you watch this epic video. Being a big fan of Dji my self-having purchased the first Phantom the day it came out, I can see why this company has come so far and grown to be number one over the years. What is great about it is that they have consumer pricing that comes in and delivers for the pros.

“Whether from an epic aerial perspective or a smooth on-the-ground point of view, people realized their visions and told their stories exactly as they envisioned.”

Here are some screenshots taken from the video above.

Dji showreel Mavic pro in action Dji showreel Dji showreel Dji showreel Dji showreel inspire