I have been living in Namibia for 5 years now, along the Skeleton coast. I am spoilt for choice when it comes to dune photography. I can walk to the dunes, I can drive to the dunes and I can catch a flight on a small plane over the dunes. However just as I am able to do these things so too can the almost 3000 tourists who visit Namibia daily. So I have challenged myself to see and to capture the dunes differently.

It is not always easy as Namibia attracts some of the top landscape photographers and although I want to capture images which are unique, I do my best to also capture the best quality that I can with my mid-range SLR camera. There is so much more to capturing the dunes then simply using a wide angle lens, I always try and find the design or artistry in the shapes of the dunes, and my telephoto lens around 400mm is my “best friend”.

This series of Dunescapes, I believe, is unique and captures the interest and hopefully creates an emotive response for the viewer. Namibia does not only have the famous giant red dunes at Sossusvlei, but along our 700km Skeleton Coast we have desert dunes of all shapes and sizes and ranging in color from bleached white to deep wine red garnet sand. These images are a tribute to the ever changing beauty, light and design that nature creates in our world.