Easy DIY Backdrop Ideas for Amazing Portraits
While a portrait captured by a professional in a high-end studio may be a hard idea to resist, there are certain occasions and scenarios where you cannot afford to run to the studio every time there is a picture-perfect moment happening in your life!
In fact, there may be many of you reading this that are actually more comfortable getting their pictures taken right in their home, as opposed to a studio, especially if you have kids. We all know what a real struggle it is to get children to sit quietly in studios.
Whatever your situation may be, at times we all need to have something more accessible that would come more in handy to help us capture amazing portraits. You have an amazing camera and probably even have a tripod to put it on, but what about the backdrop?
Why it Matters?

You may think that the subject of the photograph is the main point of interest and to a great extent, that is true, so why should one fuss with the backdrop and all!
The point to remember is that the backdrop of your photograph is actually what makes the subject look good. In most photographs, you want the subject to stand out more than the background which automatically puts a lot of pressure on nailing the right one.
If you click a stunning portrait of somebody with the background all messy, the photography loses a lot of its appeal right there and then. Hence, it is best to have some cool DIY backdrops ready that you can just bring out, put them on and take portraits without wasting a second of time. Some of these simple DIY backdrop ideas are so easy, they might just leave you stunned.

DYI back drops for photographers

Photo by Bruce Mars

1: Textured Fabric that’s Already Lying around the House:
Do you have a textured blanket lying around somewhere that nobody really uses?
Bring it out, drape it over a piece of furniture like chairs, or sofas and have your subject sit in front of them.
That’s it! Your simple as ever DIY backdrop is read within minutes.

2: Curtains and Blinds:
In our personal opinion, solid backgrounds make portraits look that much better. In addition to textured blankets, you may even try your luck with curtains and blinds as a cheap DIY background. Wide roller blinds that can be hung from someplace are the most ideal.

3: Plain Walls:
Since an unmade bed with a heap of clean laundry that needs to be folded is not exactly the ideal backdrop we want to use for our portraits, look for places in your house that are more minimalistic in nature. Like solid colored walls!

4: Crafty DIY Backdrop:
Suppose you want something a little fancier than just a solid colored wall for a DIY backdrop, if you are good with crafts this problem can easily be solved. You can make various things using paper, hang them up on walls to decorate them. This is a really good idea especially if you are looking for a backdrop for events like birthday parties.

Photo back drops

Photo by Royal Anwar

5: Fabric for a Simple DIY Backdrop:
If you do not want to use textured blankets or curtains or even blinds as the backdrops for your portraits, you can always buy some muslin cloth and hang it up.
You may want to be a little careful with muslin though because for starters it gets wrinkled very quickly and it needs to be washed very delicately as well. But still, overall, they add a great feel to your backdrops.
One of these simple DIY backdrop ideas is sure to work for you.

If you are looking for inexpensive backdrops that look more professional here are a some you will love.