In past few years I have traveled many places especially in the Northern part of Pakistan not just to be anther wannabe Travel Photographer but to explore the unexplored perspectives in the most visited and photographed places. It is quite challenging sometimes to present the known and seen places in a different angle but very exciting too.

With the objective of showing the common places with a fresh look, I have been also working on developing a new workflow by infusing my imagination and creativity to produce something different and surreal and I am pretty happy to see the outcome. I hope everyone has been enjoying my recent work.

Regarding this image, well this one is also the final product of my creative workflow and the voodoo magic that I apply in my images. It is a blend of 3 different images. The bottom part was shot at Chharinday Water fall I, and the upper one at Chharinday water fall II. Both these falls are located in Chharinday village in Kaghan valley. The sky was taken from an shot of mine and then blended very carefully in Adobe Photoshop and finishing in Nik Software to create this composite.

This was shot with Canon Imaging Asia 6D with Samyang Lens Global 14mm mounted on Manfrotto Imagine More.