I woke up before sunrise one warm, rainy morning in March and I had no plans for the day.  I was eager to test out my new Canon 6D, so I headed south for a 2 hour drive to Turkey Run State Park.  The forecast said it should be clearing up soon, but it rained the entire drive out & continued to do so until I finished up with this hike and made it back to the parking lot.  Thank goodness though, because I was really enjoying the rain and fog in the cool canyon.  I had my poncho, a change of shoes in the car, my lens hood, & a protective bag for my camera because I’m still not used to the idea of having a weather resistant camera body & lens.

I was all by myself.. feeling the freedom to photograph anything I like, for as long as I like, trying different angles, different lenses, different filters, slowing down the shutter, and just enjoying photography & nature in solitude.  I was all alone on the trails for once, on such a perfect spring morning in an enchanted landscape.  These trails are normally very crowded with other hikers so I must say, the best time to hike here is when everybody else is away, keeping dry from the rain.

I’ve been to Turkey Run many times before but on this particular morning this place was my enchanted playground.  The hike to the Punch Bowl felt magical.  It felt like a place where I could stay a while..


Camera Settings:

Most of the photos were taken at  f/14, 4-6 second exposures, ISO 100 taken with Canon 6D, 24-105mm f/4L using a Hoya NDx8 filter.

The photo taken with the fisheye lens was taken on a Canon 50D, hand held 1/40, ISO 800 and probably somewhere around f/8 on the manual Rokinon 8mm lens.

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~ Jackie Novak