Regional American Cuisine

Montana serves up unique burgers. Mint Bar & Grill in Livingston offers a Cowboy Burger, a juicy patty paired with PBR-battered fries. In Gardiner, Cowboys Bar & Grill's Buffalo Burger, enhanced with habanero huckleberry jam and white cheddar curds, showcases Montana's love for locally sourced buffalo meat.

In South Dakota, Native American influences reign. Buglin' Bull in Custer dishes out tender buffalo chislic, grilled chunks served with house-made steak sauce. Cedar Pass Lodge in Badlands National Park offers Indian tacos, fry bread topped with ground buffalo, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, and hot sauce.

Wisconsin is devoted to dairy. The Old Fashioned in Madison is a cheese curd wonderland. Fish Fry Fridays call for a visit to Lakefront Brewery in Milwaukee for beer-battered cod, pineapple coleslaw, and potato pancakes, a culmination of German and Czech influences.

Chicago's choices are diverse. Portillos' Chicago Dogs, Al's Italian Beef sandwiches, and Pequod's deep-dish pizza offer tastes born from immigrant creativity.

Vermont is a health retreat—comparatively speaking. The poutine at Citizen Cider, served with house-made gravy and Maplebrook cheese curds, is comfort food. Cold Hollow Cider Mill's apple cider donuts in Stowe offer simple bliss. Nebreska Knoll Sugar Farm's Vermont maple syrup is liquid gold on pancakes.

Maine is immersed in seafood. The Highroller Lobster Co. in Portland offers a BYO lobster roll. In Bar Harbor, Galyn's offers mussels, clam chowder, and lobster bisque. Fried clams at Kennebunkport's Pilot House Restaurant are must-eats.

Boston's cuisine screams heritage. Kelly's roast beef, Mike's or Modern Pastry's cannoli, and Monica's Mercado's Italian sub showcase the city's Italian and Irish influences.

New York City radiates a different vibe. Jewish delis like 2nd Ave Deli or Carnegie Deli offer matza ball soup and pastrami. Grab a thin crust pizza slice at Joe's or a pepperoni square at Mama's Too. Utopia Bagels leaves you pondering what grocery store bagels really are.

Philly is strong on the sandwich front. Hershel's Eastside Deli serves a hearty Reuben at Reading Terminal Market. John's Roast Pork provides the ultimate Philly cheesesteak.

Washington D.C.'s CopyCat melds Chinese street food with American techniques, crafting a blend that feels both new and familiar.

In North Carolina, Luella's Bar-B-Que in Asheville serves succulent pork with southern sides.

Georgia offers Southern comfort. Mary Mac's Tearoom in Atlanta serves fresh fried chicken daily for over 75 years.1 At Homegrown, the chicken and waffles combo and Comfy Chicken Biscuit are staples. Mrs. Wilkes' Dining Room in Savannah provides an all-you-can-eat home-cooked meal.

In South Carolina, Acme Low Country Kitchen on Isle of Palms offers shrimp and grits all day with flavor-packed variations.

Florida's Key Lime Pie from Kermits Key West Key Lime Shop in Key West is exceptional.

Louisiana's flavors are off the charts. Parkway Bakery and Tavern's Shrimp Po' Boys and Central Grocery & Deli's Muffulettas are essential stops. Café Du Monde's beignets in the French Quarter create morning queues for good reason.

New Mexico's cuisine proudly departs from Tex-Mex. Perea's New Mexican Restaurant in Albuquerque serves carne adobada, richly marinated pork chunks. Frito Pie at Horseman's Haven in Santa Fe layers Fritos with meat, lettuce, and tomato.

The dish diversity from coast to coast exemplifies America's culinary melting pot. Every state, every city offers a unique flavor, a taste of its history and culture.

Top Foodie Destinations

Chicago's Pequod's is known for its signature deep-dish pizza. In New Orleans, Café Du Monde's beignets, dusted with powdered sugar, are synonymous with indulgence. Pair them with a cup of Chicory coffee for a taste of this vibrant city.

In Houston, Blood Brothers Barbecue offers skillfully smoked brisket and fusion-driven sides. Austin's Franklin Barbecue draws lines for its melt-in-your-mouth brisket.

Los Angeles' Eastside offers diverse cuisine. Guelaguetza serves Oaxacan mole dishes, while Jitlada presents fiery Southern Thai dishes. San Francisco's Boudin Bakery offers iconic clam chowder in sourdough bowls.

Portland's Pok Pok is known for its Ike's Vietnamese Fish Sauce Wings. Voodoo Doughnut offers unconventional donuts for all-hours indulgence.

Seattle's Pike Place Market features Piroshky Piroshky's hand-crafted pastries and Beecher's Handmade Cheese, home to the World's Best Mac & Cheese.2

Kansas City's Joe's Kansas City Bar-B-Que delivers ribs and brisket with smoky perfection. Pair your meal with their tangy coleslaw for an all-American feast.

For soul food, Atlanta's Busy Bee Café serves flavorful fried chicken. Their collard greens and yams are Southern comfort on a plate.

Nashville's Hattie B's Hot Chicken serves spicy chicken with pickles atop slices of white bread, catering to all heat levels.

Santa Fe Bite tops the list for the Green Chile Cheeseburger Trail, combining smoky green chiles and juicy beef.

San Diego's Lucha Libre Taco Shop brings the craft of taco-making to its zenith with their Surfin' California Burrito.

In New York City, Russ & Daughters offers bagels with smoked salmon, while Katz's Delicatessen serves mammoth pastrami on rye.

These cities and towns are the jewels in America's gastronomic crown, where every dish and restaurant tells a story of the region, culture, and history.

Food Trails and Routes

The Tamale Trail in the Mississippi Delta is a culinary journey from Vicksburg to Tunica, revealing a blend of flavors and stories. The trail's history hints at the arrival of tamales alongside migrant laborers over a century ago. Each stop offers a unique interpretation of the humble tamale.

  • Abe's Bar-B-Q delivers succulent tamales alongside their famous barbecued pork.
  • Hick's Tamales & BBQ Shop is acclaimed for their complex flavors and careful preparation.
  • Ground Zero Blues Club introduces fried tamales, adding a crunchy contrast.

Each recipe represents a blend of personal history and culinary finesse.

The Green Chile Cheeseburger Trail in New Mexico highlights over 100 burgers, each showcasing the distinct, smoky heat of local green chiles.

  • Owl Bar & Café in San Antonio merges Swiss and American cheeses with fresh, fire-roasted green chiles.
  • Santa Fe Bite has earned accolades for its award-winning burgers.
  • Sparky's in Hatch complements their signature green chile burgers with lively weekly music events.

The Great Wisconsin Cheese Trail showcases the state's diverse cheese varieties.

  • The Wisconsin Cheese Mart in Milwaukee stocks an unrivalled selection of 150 types.
  • Widmer's Cheese Cellars in Theresa offers guided tours to witness traditional cheesemaking.
  • The Beechwood Cheese Factory in Adell tantalizes visitors with fresh jalapeño curds.

In Louisiana, the Bayou Bounty trail takes adventurous eaters from Lafayette to Morgan City, introducing the rich, spicy profile of Cajun cuisine.

  • Abears Café in Houma serves up catfish, embodying the region's love for fresh, local seafood.
  • Morgan City's Café JoJo's is famed for their crab cakes.
  • Avery Island, home of Tabasco Sauce, offers tours, museum exhibits, and cooking classes.

Each food trail forms a mosaic of American food culture, telling stories one bite at a time. Whether traversing the Tamale Trail in Mississippi or savoring green chile cheeseburgers in New Mexico, you're experiencing history, culture, and community in a personal way.

A plate of steaming hot tamales from one of the stops along the Mississippi Delta Tamale Trail, showcasing the unique blend of flavors and traditions that define this regional specialty.

Budget-Friendly Eats

Across the United States, affordable yet iconic eateries allow you to savor the best flavors without stretching your budget.

In New York City, Katz's Delicatessen offers a half pastrami sandwich or matzo ball soup. Joe's Pizza serves a straightforward, thin-crust slice that embodies the soul of New York pizza.

Chicago's Portillo's has the legendary Chicago dog, a loaded combination nestled in a steamed poppy seed bun. Al's Italian Beef is known for their dipped beef sandwich.

In Atlanta, Mary Mac's Tea Room serves up fried chicken with classic southern sides at affordable prices. Sublime Doughnuts offers homemade, cinnamon-y goodness.

North Carolina's B's Barbecue in Greenville features succulent pulled pork cooked Eastern-style, with sides like coleslaw and hush puppies.

Austin's Franklin Barbecue offers manageable portions of outstanding barbecue sandwiches.

In Fresno, La Elegante Taqueria delivers bursting flavors in its $1.50 tacos. The Original Pantry Café in Los Angeles serves hearty, straightforward breakfasts at old-school diner prices.

The Flying Star Café in Albuquerque caters to budget-minded diners with eclectic, southwestern dishes like huevos rancheros.

In New Orleans, Parkway Bakery and Tavern serves classic shrimp Po' Boys, generously stuffed and fairly priced.

Portland's Voodoo Doughnut offers eclectic, inventive rings of joy at less than a typical cup of coffee.

In-N-Out Burger on the West Coast serves up classic double-doubles, fries, and milkshakes that pack quality and satisfaction for an impressively low price.

These budget-friendly spots exemplify that great American cuisine is accessible and offers authentic, memorable experiences for every palate and budget.

A half pastrami sandwich from Katz's Delicatessen in New York City, piled high with tender, flavorful meat on rye bread. The sandwich represents an affordable yet iconic New York City dining experience.

Unique Food Experiences

Beyond simply eating, unique food experiences extend into the heart of local food culture, such as visiting bustling markets, attending food festivals, and savoring meals at farm-to-table restaurants.

Pike Place Market in Seattle engages all the senses with its fish-throwing mongers and array of vendors. Tasting cheese at Beecher's Handmade Cheese, crafted with local milk and aged to perfection, is an experience steeped in the culture and history of the region.

In California's Napa Valley, farm-to-table restaurants like The French Laundry in Yountville offer a curated symphony of dishes, each bite a testament to the region's bounty.

Food festivals, like the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, bring together music, culture, and food. Vendors offer a tapestry of Louisiana's Cajun and Creole traditions, from savory crawfish bread to the smoky flavors of alligator sausage.

Vermont's apple cider festivals celebrate the state's cherished produce. The Cold Hollow Cider Mill Cider Festival in Waterbury Center features hot spiced cider, fresh apple cider doughnuts, and live demonstrations of cider pressing.

The Santa Fe Farmers Market in New Mexico showcases the vibrant colors of locally grown chilies and the robust flavors of green chile enchiladas. Engaging with farmers provides a connection to the land and community.

In Texas, Franklin Barbecue in Austin offers a unique twist on farm-to-table dining. Understanding the careful sourcing of meats and the painstaking smoking process deepens the appreciation.

Louisville's NuLu East Market Festival celebrates the resurgence of East Market District with art, crafts, and food like the Hot Brown sandwich.

New York City's Taste of Tribeca event brings together local restaurants offering small plates that represent the neighborhood's eclectic mix.

Maine's coastal food scene includes lobster bakes on rocky beaches, complete with seaweed, hot stones, and fresh Atlantic lobster.1

Each region's unique food experiences offer stories, connections, and insights into the land and its people. From local markets to food festivals and farm-to-table eating, these adventures paint a comprehensive and flavorful portrait of America's diverse culinary landscape.

America's culinary landscape offers a diverse blend of flavors and traditions, reflecting the history and culture of each region. From coast to coast, every bite tells a story, making it a journey worth experiencing.

  • New England: Known for its seafood, particularly lobster and clam chowder, as well as its hearty comfort foods like baked beans and pot roast.1
  • Southern States: Famous for its barbecue, fried chicken, and soul food, with each state boasting its own unique style and flavors.2
  • Midwest: Celebrated for its casseroles, pies, and farm-fresh produce, as well as its love for grilled meats and comfort foods like mac and cheese.3
  • Southwest: Renowned for its bold, spicy flavors, with dishes like chili, fajitas, and enchiladas featuring prominently in the region's cuisine.4
  • West Coast: Acclaimed for its fresh, healthy cuisine, with an emphasis on locally-sourced ingredients, seafood, and fusion dishes that blend multiple culinary traditions.5