Forbidden Love by Indrek Galetin

Forbidden Love by Indrek Galetin

This editorial has been inspired by the idea of love and its meaning nowadays. Does it bring us closer or does it move us away? And why can we get so close yet still feel so far from each other? Seems like our grip on reality is shifting. I look towards deeper connection between two people for much of my inspiration and I was greatly influenced by how it personally connected with me. Love, desire, sexual pleasure, pain and sadness inherent to relationships: all body language is here at its peak. Frozen in time, capturing these lovers is both an elegant eroticism and discussing philosophical ideas such as society, identity and equality.









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About the Author

Edin Chavez
Travel junkie, animal lover, troublemaker, daydreamer and a bit obsessed with my camera. Addicted to documentaries, coffee, hot sauce, and blue cheese.
  • Ryan Isaac says:

    Beautifully creative! Awesome work!

  • Maria Geoffrey says:

    Tremendous, alluring work!

  • Silvia Linda Reitz says:

    Beautifully composed, lit and conceived.

  • Alina Tarau says:

    Just stunning!

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