In this video, I will show you how to create reflections in Luminar 4. Creating reflections can be a complicated task; however, with the use of layers in Luminar 4, this does not have to be the case. Layers make it easy to create reflections on any photograph.

In the last post, we replaced the sky. As images get more complicated, we have to do more things to finish a photo. Having a keen eye for this sort of thing is a must when it comes to editing, especially when you are replacing a specific part of an image. In this case, the sky.

In this particular image, we focus on how to create reflections in Luminar 4 of the newly replaced sky in the water. As you can see in the first video, the image looks quite good; however, in the second video, we finish it off by adding the perfect amount of sky reflections on the water.

How to Create Reflections in Luminar 4How to Create Reflections in Luminar 4, how to replace the sky in a photo in luminar 4

Luminary 4 has completely been redone from the ground up. Making things more organized and adding more user-friendly features you are sure to love. From new features to new slider Luminar 4 is making it easier to create the images we want to create.

At the time of this vide Luminar 4 in Beta, keep in mind that once it is fully released, it might change a bit, but for the most part, the features you see here will be kept and updated to work even better.

Luminar four is having a presale. You can pre-order a copy at a discounted rate here.

How to Replace the Sky in Luminar 4

How to Create Reflections in Luminar 4

Final Image

Below is the final image. As you can see, not only did I swap out the sky, but I also matched the reflections of the sky in the water. And to top it off the overall color and temperature matches through.

How to Create Reflections in Luminar 4