How to Start a Photography Blog

How to start a photography blog, and why? Creating a photography blog is one of the best ways to share your talent for photography with the rest of the world. As you start learning more about your camera and begin taking some fantastic photographs, sharing them on your blog will allow more people to not only appreciate your art but also get inspiration from it.

While in the modern world of today, where there are so many social networking websites, running a blog might sound like an old idea. But, there is something about blogs that have kept them up, running and active. Blogs are easy to set up, are intuitive, and lets you control the content entirely. They are highly flexible and customizable, and most importantly, Google ranks your blog much faster than your site, so you get more eyes from all over the world on your work. How to start a photoblog


Are you thinking of starting your photography blog? If yes, here are the simple steps you need to take to make one.

Have a Clear Goal in Mind

If you are making a blog, you should have a clear goal in mind as to why you are doing it. You can create a blog to sell your photos or to share them with the world. The goal you choose to pursue with your blog will say a lot in how you proceed with it. If you are a professional photographer, you should buy a domain, so you look reputable. You can do this on WordPress very quickly. On the other hand, if you choose to be a recreational photographer, you don’t necessarily have to buy a domain. Work on photo-sharing websites like Tumblr to get started free of cost.

Add Some Content Right Away

Once you have created your blog,  (scroll down for exact instructions on how to do it) make sure you put some content on it right away. Even about 5-10 pictures would do to start. This will make people follow you as they see content directly from the beginning of the blog. It also allows you to tweak your blog a little in case you don’t like something.

The Highlight of the Blog should be Photos

It is essential to keep in mind that it is a photography blog, and the same should be the highlight of it. Do not confuse the main aim of the blog by adding big text blurbs or titles etc. While these things are necessary too, they should not take the limelight away from the main attraction, that is your photos.How to start a photoblog


Add Contact Information

There is an About section on each blog. Never leave it blank. You can add your contact information in this section to let anyone contact you in case they need permission to use your photos or want to hire you for a photography job.

Post Photographs Regularly

Many photographers, when starting a photography blog, are too enthusiastic about it and add a lot of photos. The enthusiasm vanishes in some days, and they forget to add photos to their blog in long times. If you want to keep your blog running successfully and also keep your followers interested, you need to have regularly updated content on it. A photograph every day or every two days will do the job. Also, it is important not to upload everything you click. Your blog should only have your best work on display.

Interact with People

It is also imperative to interact with your followers to keep them engaged. Reply to their queries and comments, say thank you when they say words of appreciation for your skills, etc. Also, follow other bloggers who have the same interests as you have. This will help your blog grow.

How to Start a Photoblog

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And just like that, you have created your photography blog. Now all you need to do is build content often and post it on your social media. Soon enough, you will have a massive following and will be the next big thing.

And that is it; you are on your way to being a superstar blogger.

These were some simple tips on how to start your photography blog. Follow these, and you will have a great photography blog in no time. With the ease of BlueHost and our easy to follow tutorials, you are on your way to creating a very lovely photography business for your self.