Top Tips for Capturing Amazing Close-Up Shots

How do you take captivating photos up close?

Close-up photography brings you in contact with different worlds. It can help you capture some amazing stories in just one shot. Close-up photography focuses on specific things. It can be a person, an animal, a flower, a plant, or any other thing. Close-up shots let you capture the finest details in your subject that can make the picture highly captivating.

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Photo by Salvatore Ventura

Is it the same as Macro Photography?

While many people consider the two to be the same, there are some things that make both these genres of photography different from each other. Close-up photography is concerned with taking the shot of the subject from a close range, secluding it from the environment. You can use any lens or camera to shoot close-up shots of your subject. On the other hand, macro photography deals with showing the subject at a much bigger size than it originally is. These photos are characterized by magnification and closeness and thus you need specialized equipment for it. You will need a macro lens to capture these pictures as a common lens will not work in the case of macro photography.

Tips for Close-Up Photography

Here are some tips that can help you capture some amazing close-up shots of your subjects.

Rose and key close up


First things first, the quality of your close-up shots depends a lot on the lighting you are capturing the photos in. If your subjects are flowers, don’t capture them in direct sunlight. Choose the time of either early morning or sunset to capture such subjects as the overhead illumination is very high during the day and will make your subjects have a dark shadow. It is best to use a fast shutter speed to capture close-up photos in sunlight. With a fast shutter speed, you will allow lesser light to enter the lens and can control the brightness of the picture. This means you can have a very low f-stop meaning you can have a very shallow depth of field making the image more compelling. 


A fast shutter speed is recommended to capture moving subjects and avoid blurry images. If you are not sure about keeping the camera steady, use a tripod stand to ensure the picture is as stable as you want. Another way to capture sharp close-ups of your subject is to set the camera on the continuous shooting mode. This allows you to take multiple shots of the subject, increasing your chances of capturing a great close-up shot. 

Extension Tubes

You can make use of extension tubes to allow the camera to keep the focus on the subject while taking close-up shots. These are small rings that you attach between the lens and the body of the camera. They are widely used when capturing images where you require to portray fine details of the subject. They don’t have any interference with the light as these tubes don’t have glass in them. Thus, you can capture some amazing shots of your subject depicting all the high-quality details you want to show to the world.

Balance Your Flash

When you are setting your camera to take close-up photos, make sure you balance the flash to the existing light. This will allow you to get the right balance between the flashlight and natural light. There is no one way of doing it. Try different angles and different lighting. You can change your lens and see what works best for you. Remember that practice makes perfect. 

Coffee cup close up

Taking close-up shots can be interesting and fun. However, you need to keep an eye on the technical aspects to capture the best close-up shots of your subject. With the above-mentioned tips, we hope you will be able to take better close-up photos than before.