We all want our photographs to come out showing us looking our best, but for a lot of people, posing for the camera to get stunning pictures might be a very difficult feat.

As a photographer, you are in the ideal position to help them out. You have to make your clients feel comfortable around you. Sure, you are the guy with the camera and most of your job is to just take pictures, but that does not mean you get to be totally standoffish. If you genuinely feel that your client is posing a bit too stiffly for the camera, make it easier for them by breaking the ice a little. Ask them what message they want their photos to tell and then help them figure out a way to get there.

We have rounded up 4 flattering poses for women that will help you get your female clients looking and feeling their best which automatically gets translated onto the photographs, too!


1: Best Feature Gets to be the Closest to the Camera:

One of the basic rules of photography is that whatever is the closest to the camera appears as the largest in the photograph. So, you want to use this and get your female client to pose in a manner which brings her best feature forward. So if for example, she likes her face the most, you can get her to push her face forward a bit. This will accentuate her eyes and her jaw line. 

It sounds odd when you are reading it or even asking them to do it, but trust us when we say that the pictures with the face pushed forward a bit really make the images stand out. The jaw line looks more defined and that is never a bad thing especially if the person in front of the camera is bigger in stature. You have to try this one out to see it for yourself!

2: The Right Body Angle:

When you are working with a female client, there is a high chance that they do not want to appear too wide in their photographs. A good way to make that possible is to get them to not appear facing squarely to the camera but rather angled towards it. This also does not mean you have to angle them completely to the side because they would look awkward, too especially if they are wearing an amazing outfit which they want to flaunt in their photos.

Instead, a slight twist at the hips, an arm place on one side of the hip works just as well. This is a pose that instantly slims down any subject in the photograph. 

Beautiful portrait


3: For a Slimmer Face:

One of the most flattering poses for women, especially while taking their headshots is to position your camera eye level. You want the subject to connect with your viewer. Being eye level makes a connection with the subject and the viewer. Think of it as if you were having a conversation with someone, you want to be at eye level when you are talking to them.

4: Bend it for Some Femininity:

Be it a bended knee or an arm, just a little bend to the body can add a wonderful feminine appeal to the overall photograph. Even throwing the head back little looks super good in photographs!

Practice these simple 4 poses to help get stunning pictures of your female clients. Remember its all about practice and making the client feel good in front of the camera. If you can make a client feel great, that will translate into all of your photographs. Do you have any other tips you can add to the list? Leave them in the comments below.