Here are 5 tips you need to know to take newborn photos

Newborn photography what you need to know

As angelic as they may seem, anybody who has ever tried taking a picture or two of newborns will admit to this fact that the task of photographing them is anything but easy! For starters, this is a photo shoot that is always filled with surprises. If your angelic subjects are sleeping one second, they will be up and wailing the next.
Second of all and perhaps even more important than the first point we discussed, with adult models you can get them to follow your instructions, but with babies?
Oh, boy.
As intimidating as this may seem, you should not shy away from taking on newborns as your subjects for your photographs. With a little practice and some of our easy newborn photography tips, you will get there. Learn how to photograph newborns following the tips mentioned below:


newborn photography

1: Be Prepared:
With newborns on board that are ready for their photographs to be taken by you, you have to be prepared likewise. Their safety is important so make proper arrangements for that. Always have a spotter for the newborn model!
Rather than stressing out about what will happen if the baby gets hurt and all that, a good strategy would be to keep your studio or any place that you will be photographing them, free from any sharp, pointy objects.

2: Have Realistic Picture Compositions:
Want to photograph the newborn in a manner which seems as if they are sleeping peacefully on a delicate tree branch?
You have to understand that some of the newborn portraits that you see in magazines or even on websites are heavily photoshopped. So have realistic expectations, please. This is especially true if you are just venturing out in newborn photography, keep the composition simple. In fact, start off with polishing the basic newborn photography pictures first. When you get them correct, then you can move on to the more complicated ones.

3: Get Creative with Lighting, Angles…and Props:
Rather than fussing with the newborn, a good newborn photography tip to make use of is to experiment with your lights and angles. You will be surprised at the kind of amazing results you get just by altering the light conditions and your angles.
Also, did you know that in most cases, what sets pictures apart from each other is the props that are used in it! Why not create some easy props of your own (if you do not want to buy some, that is) and incorporate those into the photographs? Here are some good inexpensive ones.

how to take newborn photos

4: The Newly Born Newborns:
Photographers believe that newborns that are under the 14-day old timeline are generally easier to work with. First, 14 days of birth are the perfect time for parents to bring in their babies to have them professionally photographed.
Because all they do during that period is sleep! So, you can tilt their face here or there, up or down and they are likely to sleep throughout all of this. That makes taking their portraits much easier.

5: Get the Parents to Help You Out:
This one is kind of obvious, but still, some photographers may overlook this. When photographing a newborn, ask the parents to make sure of a couple of things they do prior to the photo shoot officially beginning. Make sure that the baby is fed so that the photo shoot is not interrupted halfway through for it.
Clean clothes, clean diapers etc. are all part and parcel of this process, especially if the parents will be bringing their baby to your studio or space.
And that’s it! Practice these simple newborn photography tips to get amazing newborn portraits.