How to Take the Best Photos with Your Smartphone

How to take photos with your smartphone? Are you just starting out in the field of photography? Do you love clicking photos but are not ready to invest in a proper gear right now? Do you own a smartphone?

There is no need to buy a DSLR when you are just starting out in photography. You can click some amazing photos with the iPhone you have in your hand. While it has some limitation, but so do all the cameras we use today, don’t they? You just have to be smart in clicking these photographs when using your smartphone.

how to take photos with a smartphone

Photo by Lisa Fotios

Here are some of the best tips that can help you start taking photos with your smartphone to get some epic results

Keep it Simple

One of the biggest mistakes beginner photographers make when clicking from their smartphone is they tend to complicate things for themselves. Keeping it simple is the best thing to do when you are using a smartphone. In addition to making the photograph difficult to capture perfectly, it also tends to distract the viewer. Have some negative space left in your photographs? Don’t worry about filling it all. These simple and minimalistic photos are also great to be shared on social media. Allow the audience to enjoy your photos more by keeping them simple and minimalistic.

Align Multiple Subjects Diagonally

If you are working with more than one subject in the photos, try aligning them diagonally. Make sure to keep them both in the frame though. This allows for creating a more harmonious and balanced composition. Keeping it all on one side will make the picture look unbalanced. This works when you are dealing with portraits and still life. In other cases, like clicking landscape photos, you do not have a control over the subject to do this. In this case, move around with your smartphone until you are able to get the main elements of the landscape in a diagonal frame.

Follow the Rule of Thirds

This goes out for all kinds of photography using any gear whatsoever. Using the rule of thirds when clicking photos will keep them balanced. When it comes to the smartphone, using the rule of thirds becomes easier as there is an option of enabling the Grid in the camera settings. Switch on this setting and apply the rule of thirds to all your photos.

How to take photos with your smartphone

Photo by Brigitte Tohm

Turn off that Flash

While the flash in the latest smartphones is much better and advanced than the previous versions, it is still an LED light at the end of the day. This can never be as powerful as the natural light under any circumstances unless you are photographing in extremely dark conditions. Using flash makes the photos look less natural and you don’t want that.

Lock Focus

Focusing is very important when it comes to clicking photographs. locking focus on the main subject of the photograph is not very difficult when you are using a smartphone All you need to do is hold down the spot you want to focus on in the viewfinder and the focus will be locked on it. This can become very handy when you are shooting in the macro mode. This can help you take extremely focused photos.

Avoid Camera Shake

Smartphones are very thin and most of the time we end up shaking the camera when we are clicking photos from the digital shutter button. The best way to avoid it is by using the volume button as the shutter button. This will prevent the camera from shaking when you are clicking the photo and will keep the photos sharp and crisp.