Here is a live shoot we did with the beautiful Anetta. This was an amazing and extremely fun shoot. We did a live stream on Facebook , it was extremely successful. We will be doing more so make sure you check out the page and tune in. Photographer Sam Henderson talks about lights, camera settings, and walks us on how to pose and talk to models. You can watch the entire video in 4k.

We have also added a light diagram you can download and use for your shoots.

Please leave all questions on the comments below. We will have a fine art nude video coming soon along with a long series of different models.



This is a very flattering lighting set-up when shooting women’s portaits or beauty images. Provides a soft light that really smooths out the skin and gives the subject a healthy glow. The key light (Beauty dish) should be a minimum of one stop higher than the fill light below.
Please save this lightning diagram to your computer for you to use.











anetta-edgy-1 anetta-edgy-2