I realized the series “Island Saga” this summer during a one month trip across Iceland side by side with my girlfriend. Due to the option to stay at a friend’s place in Reykjavik, it was possible for me to get to several different locations through single road as well as hiking trips exploring this astonishingly beautiful country.

During the last 10 years, I  had the privilege to see several of Europes finest locations but this was for sure the most fascinating and interesting trip yet. Not only because it unifies my two most favorite passions photography and geology perfectly, but especially because of the unique atmosphere, mood and spirit the landscapes of Iceland know so well to create.

I could start writing a book now describing how incredible and amazingly beautiful all the versatile landscapes of Iceland are, but hey, happily I became a photographer, not an author. To put it in perspective I shot nearly 10000 pictures all in all (including all panoramic images and time-lapse) so for own impressions please just take a look at the final selection. At the end, I can only highly recommend to check out this one of a kind island with your own eyes, as soon as you get the chance to. And for those who not, I am going to create a fine art landscape panoramic photo book that is going to be published early 2016. Iceland Photos of iceland best photos of iceland Photos of iceland