In the video below I go over the K&F Concept Backpack from start to finish. This is a cool compact bag that works great for any photographer especially one that likes to pack light.

When I look for a bag I always look at quality first, size second, and price third. If you are familiar with my work and my videos you know that I like to pack light. As a travel photographer packing light is very important.

As I mentioned above my favorite part of the bag is the size. It’s perfect for a photographer that packs light.  Check out the video to see the bag in action. Drop me a comment below if you have any questions or if you have the backpack let us know how you like it.

Get it on Amazon here or directly from K&F here.

Conclusion: This is a small high-quality bag that comes in at a very good price. It is compact but large enough fit all your gear. If you are a mirrorless shooter then this bag is a perfect size.  Check out the video for the full review.