“Misty Morning Sunrise” Lake Mary in Mississippi by Jeff G Stephens

This past November I was able to spend 3 days on Lake Mary, an oxbow lake outside of Woodville, Mississippi, near the Mississippi/Louisiana line.

It was once part of the Mississippi River, but is now its own individual body of water. Most of these photographs were taken just as the sun began to break the horizon. Sunrise is a perfect time of day for photography and is one of my favorite times to shoot.

For a brief window of time, the hues and saturation of the colors are more beautiful and unique than any other time of day, the light is more diffused and other elements such as fog and dew can turn an average scene into a gorgeous landscape. If you’ve never shot landscapes at dawn, or even just woken up early to take in your favorite view, I highly recommend it. Jeff tells ShutYourAperture.

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