Here are the things you must know when embarking into Landscape Photography

These are a must if  you want to master Landscape photography like the masters

If you are in love with nature and enjoy capturing the stunning views offered by nature, you need to learn about the tricks of the trade. Not everyone becomes a famous landscape photographer. It takes a lot of effort. Practice and patience is the key to master the art of landscape photography. If you are new to the field of landscape photography and are looking to improve your skills, here are some dos and don’ts you must know.Landscape photography do's and dont's

Dos of Landscape Photography

Find the Perfect Location
You need to spend some time in finding the perfect location for your landscape photography. This is not an easy task and will require some research on your part. You can look for inspiration from other landscape photographers, and can even look over the internet to find the perfect spot. A lot of photographers share their favorite places to shoot on their websites. You can start by looking at the famous outdoor spots offered by any place and then explore the place to find the best spot for you.

Shoot in the Right Light
This depends on your personal preference. Some landscape photographers prefer shooting early in the morning or at the sunset to get soft light. On the other hand, some prefer taking landscape shots when there is bright daylight. There are different color features offered by both. Set your preference and choose the right time to take your shots, as you prefer. However, it is important to make sure that you have enough time to set yourself and your equipment up for the photography before the ideal light fades away. Check out our post on how to shoot the perfect sunset.

Create Balanced Compositions
You can create balanced compositions with the help of imaginary geometric shapes. Balance the subject on the edges of these imaginary geometric shapes and see the magic. This will make your photographs balanced and visually appealing.

Play with Your Creativity
There is so much creativity you can show in landscape photography. From working with reflections and shadows to geometrical elements and light in each shot, you can include all the creativity you want in your landscape photography. Get really high and really low and remember to experiment.

Work on a Focal Point
Your landscape photography will be empty and boring if you don’t have a focal point for your images. Keep in mind the rule of thirds and consider the focal point before you go on and capture the pictures. A basic rule of thumb for Landscape Photography is to keep your Fstop at F11 or above to get everything in focus.

Sand dunes in the night

Photo by Walid Ahmad

Don’ts of Landscape Photography

Don’t Rush
One of the biggest mistakes beginners make in landscape photography is rushing to capture photos. It is a slow and methodical approach to photography and thus you need time to set things up to get the perfect shot. Patience is the key here if you want to take some stunning landscape shots. Remember to show up early and stay late to get the shot in the perfect light.

Don’t Forget Adding Movement
Do not be afraid to add movement to your landscape photography. This will enhance your pictures and add to them enhanced mood and drama. It also allows creating a point of interest in your images making them worth watching. Try slow shutters speeds on a tripod to get the best results.

Don’t Stop Practicing and Learning
There is no other better secret to great landscape photography than not ceasing to learn. With the right amount of practice, you will be able to master the art of landscape photography. Just keep shooting.

Sunset oceanscape

Photo by Pok Rie



These were some important dos and don’ts of landscape photography that will allow you to capture some amazing photographs. Just keep practicing and keep learning and you will start doing taking great landscape photos in no time.