The arctic landscapes of the Svalbard archipelagos bear the traits of the sublime. Islands, mountains, glaciers, desertic plateaux, fjords, roughly cut-out shores… This interweaving of landscape features weathered by harsh climatic conditions erects an environment of which the splendor is at once pure and austere, uneasy to saunter through. This land awakens feelings of immensity, of unfathomable depth.
The photographic frame, through which is subtracted from view a part of what one sees, constraints to a unity that measures the immeasurable horizon, thus harmonizing the different levels of natural components. The frame cuts and restrains the outpour, reveals the rules of composition and the grammar of landscape, between sky and earth, bonds linking top and bottom, horizontal and vertical, the massive and the scattered, the opaque and the transparent, the still and the moving. Thus emerges a « miniature » unifying a structure of the landscape.
To grasp this mediation of the landscape strata within the limits of a frame so as to understand, to think the global continuity of the landscape standing outside of the frame. Because at the margins of this delineation, there is still nature, again and again, to go and contemplate, or to imagine. The poetical phenomenology of immensity, of the unfathomable beyond the frame, re-animates our imagining conscience and strengthens our ability to admire.