Landscapes by Chantal Lichtenberg

Chantal Lichtenberg 31 year old German photographer tells us how it started.

In the beginning it was only in Germany, but when I traveled to Portugal last year for the first time, I caught fire. A beautiful country with great Landscape. Meanwhile I have visited Portugal three times and put together a very nice photo series along the Algarve to Sintra.

Of course I have not done these trips alone, my dearest friends, also great photographers accompanied me. We have explored the coasts and were thrilled by this original and untouched nature we could find. You find everything there: steep cliffs, imposing lighthouses, monuments and sweeping landscapes in the interior. Also abandoned ruins, wild herbs along the path, and the fresh air of the Atlantic. Here you can let yourself go and enjoy. As a photographer, you have to love this country!

We had a great time and were able to motivate and inspire each other to make better recordings. I hope you like my series, which was created with heart and many passion.”

You can see more of her work on her Facebook.


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