~ A slanted view of the Klein Wellhorn, Wetterhorn and Mittelhorn of the Engelhörner massif.

This is atop the Rosenlaui Gorge, a deep and narrow gorge formed by the meltwater of the Rosenlaui Glacier, accessible by a 500 m footpath. Rain and high winds made this image challenging; before each and every shot, droplets would fall on the front element of the lens followed be me cleaning them off with a damp and dirty lens cloth. I ended up with way too many single exposure of this to make sure I captured images without any drops on the lens, as well as the large dynamic range and the scene at sufficient sharpness front to back by focus stacking.

Tech and disclosure. This is a focus/focal/perspective blend of 11 horizontal images. The foreground was captured at 18mm, while the mountain was shot at 34mm to overcome the distortion of the lens. This image is what you would have seen if you would lie flat and face-first on the ground, looking up.

The greenish, subdued and dark post-processing I borrowed from some screen caps of the Lord of the Rings cinematography.

Thanks for looking.

Shot near the Rosenlaui Schlucht, Berner Oberland, Switzerland