Hi, my name is Chris-Robin Sivertsen. Im a 24 year old photographer born in Trondheim, Norway. June this year I moved up north to Lofoten to live out my dream, to become a professional landscape photographer.

7th of December 2016 i woke up early, before the lights came over the sharp and snowy mountains. I got my gear and started my trip to Malnes. This is a place I did some research about the day before. I knew that the sun was peeking just above the horizon from where I was. And when I got there, i knew it was going to be great. The light was amazing, not that much movement in the sea, and neither in the skies.

I walked around and looked for compositions, and scouted for details I wanted to capture in my picture. And finally, after an hour or so I saw this seaweed. It was perfect for my photo. I sat up my gear, tested with different angles, high and low, with and without filter just to get what I wanted. As I mentioned earlier the sea was calm, but i wanted a “ghost” look to it, I wanted to make it feel smooth when the light was right. I then used a Lee Big Stopper on a Samyang 14mm f2,8 lens to get what I wanted.

Then I waited, just on the right moment of light. It was just an amazing morning. Completely silent, only a few waves who splashed a few meters from me, a few birds and a seal who looked for some breakfast. It was a magical moment!

Finally, the moment was right. I have calculated the time to get the right exposure, so i knew i would get one of my finest images. I have set it all up before so it was just a push on the remote, and some more waiting… I waited patiently for 152 seconds to see my picture, and I loved it. The day was complete and I walked around, just to feel how lucky I was to have a life like that and to take some “selfies” and more photos just with this cold surroundings and wonderful light. I just love to share the beauty of nature, and inspire more people to do what I love.

Please check out my facebookpage @ Crs Photography, Instagram @ Crs_Phootography