LE1 people photography series by Lukas Salna

LE1 is a book and body of photographical work which was produced and developed throughout the year of 2013 – 2014 for Major Project at my university. Inspired by Milton Rogovin, Daniel Meadows and internet blog Humans of New York, I made a decision to create a series of photographs which would consist of black and white portraits of strangers who I have met within LE1 postal address area in the center of Leicester city.

The reason for this body of work is that we see or encounter with so many people during the day and usually we tend to forget them all straight away. However, sometimes faces or specific features get stuck in our memories and you are unable to remember where you have seen them. From my own experience and perspective of ordinary people, humans tend to remember various strangers or people who look different and cannot be seen in the middle of mass of others so easily. This is the reason why I tried to capture such people which might get stuck in someone’s minds and show them to you from a closer distance that they are really not that strange at all.

All images in this project were captured on different kind of Black & White films and various medium format cameras, developed, scanned and printed by myself. Says

Jpeag (12)

Jpeag (2)

Jpeag (9)

Jpeag (10)

Jpeag (4)

Jpeag (5)

Jpeag (13)

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Jpeag (11)

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