1600mm Leica Lens Is World’s Most Expensive At over $2 Million

1600mm Leica Lens Is World’s Most Expensive At $2 Million
$2,064,500 for a 1600mm f/5.6 Outch!!! Would you buy one?


It was produced as a custom order by, Qatari prince Saud bin Muhammed Al Thani, who paid a staggering $2,064,500 for this lens.


There is also a prototype on display at Leica’s factory showroom in Solms, Germany, and can be admired there.


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  • Terra Nova says:

    Making fun of the poor…

  • Obserwator Toruński says:

    Please do me a favour and send it to my home address.
    – …but be guick, I do not want to wait :-)

  • Lex Arias says:


  • […] reported in my world by ShutYourAperture.com, Leica has built a lens (and a prototype) that was commissioned by a sheik from Qatar that cost […]

  • Antonio Nunes says:

    I’ll buy one with a 2x teleconverter!!!!!!Rsrsrsrsrsrsrsrs!!!!

  • Zoran Milosavljevic says:

    I’m sure that the equivalent Nikon lens is more than adequate, this is the kind of shit that keeps Leica equipment in the hands of dentists, lawyers and investment bankers and out of the hands of real photographers. While I would really love to have an M240 I will never buy one unless Leica gets real with their prices!

  • Popoy Dakoykoy says:

    Things get crazier every year.

  • Christopher Leon says:

    Where are these $2 million images that follow?…

  • Thorsten von Overgaard says:

    The story is here (with the original photo from the Leica prototype in the reception in Solms)

  • Leon Hall says:

    Oil money…

  • Sarrett Michael says:

    The Prince can afford someone to carry that lens.

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