I realized this project in April in cooperation with Leonardo to extend my architectural portfolio. I really loved the overall architectural design from the very first time I saw it. The all natural looking flowing forms and curves and the white, abstract designed structures together with awesome interior light installations create a very calm and positive atmosphere. One other highlight is the 6m tall free-standing glass facade, which was produced by Leonardo and foliated with analog medium format landscape prints that you can see from the inside. On location I shot this building for four days plus another day for the inside. Postprocessing all 23 photos including a lot of manual blending, color corrections and some heavy pano stitchings took about two and a half month to finish, maybe about two hours a day ~ 150 hrs total.

The ‘glass cube’ communicates the world and personality of the brand LEONARDO and turns vision into reality. The numerously awarded design unites the brand values ‘inspiration’, ‘emotion’ and ‘quality’ in an architectonic way. An interdisciplinary design team,the team of architects from ‘3deluxe’ designed the futuristic building for LEONARDO which consists (at first sight) of two opposing elements: a strict geometric cube and a free form made of curved, white walls, set in this cover. With the combination of architecture, interior and graphical design as well as landscaping to an integrated design concept, ‘3deluxe’ built a complex unit with futuristic charm. The design team ‘3deluxe’ formed up in Wiesbaden (Germany) in 1992, consisting of communication designers Andreas and Stephan Lauhoff, interior designer Nikolaus Schweiger and designer Dieter Brell.

Construction Facts
tart of construction: 04 | 2004 Construction period: until 24th May 2007 Inside area: 2.800 sq. m Outside area: 5.600 sq. m Height of building: 11m – above ground: 7m Height of glass plates: 6m, width: 2m Height ratio inside: 6m above ground Connection between both floor levels by stairs and elevator Glass façade free from post 36m per side 3 ‘genetics’ inside: 6m high sculptural 3D connection elements of the building zones 187 white elements, 700 sq. m as 2D road network in the outside area

Glass Cube_ Philip_Gunkel_2015_09

Glass Cube_ Philip_Gunkel_2015_03

Glass Cube_ Philip_Gunkel_2015_07

Glass Cube_ Philip_Gunkel_2015_04

Glass Cube_ Philip_Gunkel_2015_06

Glass Cube_ Philip_Gunkel_2015_01

Glass Cube_ Philip_Gunkel_2015_02

Glass Cube_ Philip_Gunkel_2015_08

Glass Cube_ Philip_Gunkel_2015_05

Glass Cube_ Philip_Gunkel_2015_10

Glass Cube_ Philip_Gunkel_2015_23

Glass Cube_ Philip_Gunkel_2015_18

Glass Cube_ Philip_Gunkel_2015_12

Glass Cube_ Philip_Gunkel_2015_22

Glass Cube_ Philip_Gunkel_2015_14

Glass Cube_ Philip_Gunkel_2015_24

Glass Cube_ Philip_Gunkel_2015_13

Glass Cube_ Philip_Gunkel_2015_17

Glass Cube_ Philip_Gunkel_2015_19

Glass Cube_ Philip_Gunkel_2015_20

Glass Cube_ Philip_Gunkel_2015_11

Glass Cube_ Philip_Gunkel_2015_21 (2)

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