It is not always what it seems to be. To me , it is like there is a parallel universe in existence with our normal daily lives. A lot of things happening in between our so-called boring life and here is a small set of pictures of what I found in between my normal life in Delhi,India. Our life is a lot more full of drama as it seems to be! Many interesting things happening at the same time and we just need to freeze them. All of a sudden, everything falls into right place and tells you to press that shutter. The clouds, birds, people, dogs everything just gives some kind of urge to press the shutter.
For me, clouds add that pinch of drama to the pictures and I can’t stop myself from stepping out with a camera on a cloudy day! Sometimes it becomes difficult to capture the essence of the place but being a little aware all the time helps a lot.

Every human being is somehow connected to his/her surrounding in some way or another and via photography, we can realize it more often. Sometimes it feels like whole world is already scripted and everything is happening for a reason, one after other in synchronization. Like this world is a huge guitar playing continuously for us and waiting to be embraced by us. Every individual is just like an actor in a theater, their roles and movements. Different body language, postures means more complexity to the scene. Everything plays a major role on this so-called stage (world) full of drama.”

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