LIghtoom just released an update for Lightroom Classic, and it is what we have been waiting for. Lightroom now uses your GPU to make editing faster, and guess what? It works. If you have a 4k monitor or better this update will work well for you.

Please note that this update works if you have the Lightroom subscription plan only. Otherwise, it will not work.

New Updates

Lightroom update how to speed up lightroom lightroom classic new update

How to Speed Up Lightroom

1. Go to the menu and under Lightroom classic for mac users.  If you are a PC user, you will find it under edit. Go to preferences.

2. Go the performance tab. Under the first tab, you will see “Use Graphics Processor” make sure that is in “custom” then check the box that says “Use GPU for image processing.

Boom, you are done. Closeout of that and your Lightroom classic should be a lot faster. Note that this will only work if you have a 4k monitor or better.

Lightroom classic cc new speed updatelightroom cc update speed up my lightroom

Now you can add color labels collections. It is effortless.

1. Go to one of your collections folders.

2. Right-click on it and go to “Add color label to collection.”

3. Pick a color.

how to add color labels to collections

Export your images as PNG

This option is now there when you right-click on an image and go to export. It will be under file settings.

How to export images as PNG in lightroom classicNumbered Images

In your folder panel now you can have your images numbered making it easier to find.

To activate and deactivate go to preferences, interference and make sure that the “show index number box is checked.”How to add numbers to the folder panelhow do you activate the numbers on the photos in Lightroom

Batch merge for HDR and Panoramas

First, select your images you what to badge as HDR and or Panoramas. Once you create that image, make sure the box “create stacks” is check.

how do i create a stack inside lightroom cc for hdr and panorama

how to Create stack in lighroom

And that the updates we have for today. Did it speed up your Lightroom catalog? Mine is a lot faster. Let me know in the comments below.