Luminar four4 by Skylum is here, and it changes everything. Now you can change out your sky with the click of the mouse. Technology is getting better by the second, and that means more creative freedom for us photographers. I mean, how cool is it that you can use your most dramatic sky’s on your best images. That’s a win if you ask me.

You no longer have to be a photoshop wizard to swap out a sky. Now thanks to Luminar 4 by Skylum you can do it with a click of the mouse. Luminar four will be available later this fall. However, you can get in early and get some excellent bonuses on this page.

Natural lighting with any sky

The AI Sky Replacement tool in Luminar 4 doesn’t just change the sky – it relights the entire photo, so the lighting and colors of the original image match the lighting and colors of the sky.

Perfect results with the smallest details

Intelligent selection algorithms in Luminar 4 work perfectly even with tiny details like leaves and hair. They also remove halos, artifacts, and hard edges. You can even fine-tune foreground brightness and contrast.

Luminar 4 sky replacement plugin

luminar 4 sky replacement tutorial

luminar 4 discount code

Luminar 4

Being a Skylum user and ambassador, I can tell you that this is the best editing software on the market. You can edit an image from start to finish in minutes, not only that, but the filters inside this software are incredible. I still use Lightroom, and I love it, however, combined with Luminar, the sky is the limit. Get it… :)

Conclusion – Skylum software is being updated often only to make it easier for us photographers to focus on what is important to us, and that is to be taking lots of photos. I love software that is user-friendly, where the learning curb is slim to none. Luminar is just that and now to think you can swap out a sky with the click of the mouse it just tells you where this software is at and where it is headed.