In this Luminar Review, I am going to cover how to start using Luminar right away to start making better photos. There are 2 parts to photography, one is taking the photo and the other is editing it. This is the editing part of it. A photo is not finished until you have cleaned it up a bit.

As we all know Lightroom is king when it comes to editing software. However, we have a new kid on the block that is very impressive. It is called Luminar Neptune by Skylum. Luminar has been around for a while now but with its new updates, Luminar keeps getting better and better.

Luminar is can be used as stand-alone software to edit your photos. It can also work together with your Lightroom giving you endless editing possibilities.

In this video, I use the Luminar Lightroom Plugin and take you through my workflow from start to finish. I start by showing you workspaces and you how easily you can change an image from good to great. There is a wide range of tools inside Luminar along with ease of use. Lumiar is fast and responsive and you get your photos looking better in no time.

Sit back, relax and let’s go into Luminar together and see what it is all about. I highly recommend Luminar for any photographer. You can actually try it out for FREE. If you are blown away like I was you can purchase it for very inexpensive and add an additional discount by typing in FINEART at check out. Here is the link.

Luminar Review. How to Start Using Luminar Right Away

Luminar Review Free Software

Have you used Luminar before? What are your thoughts? Do you use it standalone or along with Lightroom like I do? Drop me a line below, I would love to hear your thoughts.