I’m a French engineer, working in a glass bottle factory near Bordeaux. I’m also surfer and photographer. And I’m lucky enough to work one mile from the Dordogne river where is one of the most famous spot for mascaret. What is “mascaret”, are you asking? It’s a tidal bore wave, a natural phenomenon that occurs on some rivers connected to ocean and subject to high tide.

When the water of the river going down to the ocean meets the rising tide, it generates a wave that can come back up almost 100 miles in the land. On some sections of the river, you can surf for more than 10 minutes and almost 2 miles. I often surf it and, on some morning, before going to work, I take photos of it on sunrise. During autumn, as river temperature is higher than air temp, it generates fog. Some surfers love riding the mascaret on a foggy morning as it increases tenfold the feeling. It also gives a special mood to the photos. This is what I tried to capture in this series. 

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