How far can the Mavic Air really go?

In this video, we put it to the test.

In this video, I put the Mavic Air to the test. I had the high wind velocity warning almost the entire time but, the Mavic Air did really good until I started to run out of battery. The battery does not last very long, that is a big issue since DJI has trained us to be in the air for around 30 minutes. That’s one-third of the time we can fly with the Air.

Keep in mind I was in a wide open space with no obstructions, this same test is not as good when there are buildings around. Unfortunately, the wifi signal is not as powerful as the radio signal that can be found on the Mavic Pro. This is where DJI falls short in my opinion. Adding a wifi signal instead of a radio signal is like going backward. That being said, you can still get some decent range out of the drone and get some really quality photos.

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