Modern Cityscapes by Simas Lin.

In the 1920s a group of psychologists in Germany developed a series of theories, called Gestalt (German: Gestalt “shape, form”) theories, of visual perception, describing how viewers group together different objects into groups or a single coherent whole when the separate elements are arranged together in a particular way.

‘Modern cityscapes’ is a result of my newly born passion for lines / forms / shapes in photography.

I am driven by the concept that the environment is a system composed of fragments that consists of forms that are made up of shapes and every single of them is an inseparable part of the beautiful whole. I recently developed an individual and unique view of the world which is based on a vital importance of the details. I am now looking into the environment as into the boundless puzzle full of intersecting lines / forms / shapes, but still remaining very minimal and aesthetic. Says Simas Lin.


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